To compare the anesthetic effect of different anesthesia methods used in total hip arthroplasty

200 patients with total hip replacement were selected as clinical research object, all patients were randomly divided into observation group and control group, 100 cases in each group. The observation group was treated with combined spinal epidural anesthesia, and the control group was treated with general anesthesia. This model adopts the variable section beam to simulate the polar B-N bond, not only can accurately simulate B-N bond deformation can, can effective area divided into boron nitride nanotubes boron atoms and nitrogen atoms in deformation difference. In addition, the model can be implemented directly in the standard commercial finite element software. According to the model, the low frequency vibration mode and the radial breathing mode of boron nitride nanotubes are calculated by the method of calculating the atomic and finite element model. Study on Soil animals and its relationship and rhizosphere soil enzyme activity in jujube, jujube forest ecosystem health as soil provide new scientific theoretical basis. In Northern Shaanxi jujube forest soil animals and rhizosphere soil as the research object, using ninhydrin than color, dinitro salicylic acid than color method, potassium permanganate titration method, phenol sodium hypochlorite than color law, sugar determination method were determined by soil protease, amylase, catalase, urease, transformation the enzymatic activity. A preliminary study on the and seasonal dynamic of jujube forest soil animals and soil enzyme activity.